Pedro's EQUALIZER PEDAL WRENCH II Shop Quality Pedal Wrench: 15mm

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Pedro's Equalizer Pedal Wrench II Shop Quality Pedal Wrench: 15mm 

A quality pedal wrench is worth its weight in gold. The Pedro's Equalizer Pedal Wrench makes quick work of even the toughest pedals. Features include an extra long, 350mm length, tubular handle with dice grip for control and comfort, heat-treated chrome-moly steel construction for the ultimate strength and lasting performance, and a precision cut 15mm wrench opening positioned at a 30 degree offset to improve mechanical advantage and wrench positioning. Backed by Pedro's lifetime warranty.
  • Features extra long 350mm length and dice grip handle
  • Ergonomic design makes pedal removal easier
  • Dual 15mm openings and 24mm socket driver
  • Features extra long 35mm length and dice grip handle
  • Designed to stand up to the harsh conditions of professional use
  • Improved ergonomics makes pedal removal easier